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My Mosaic (Mar 6)

Welcome to the weekend!

With crazy weather this week, driving across the prairies has been a tad stressful, so the weekend invites me to some rest! I trust that it will be similar for you, that as you wrap up this Friday, you will find some retreat from the hustle and bustle of life, and dig into some Sabbath rest.

How will you rest this weekend?

Jen Oshman reminds us that in Christ we have every spiritual blessing given to us! These blessings point us to our heavenly home, and the great hope we have, which changes how we live.

We are watching the world react to the crisis of the coronavirus, so how do we respond as believers? How have you found yourself responding?

This article by Tim Challies reflects on the seriousness of worship and that "the purpose of our gatherings is not to entertain people or to meet the ever-changing and ever-fickle felt needs of the unsaved or even the saved." Our worship needs to be rooted in God's Word, as He has taught us through His Word, not according to what we want or feel.

We all struggle with temptation. It's the fact of living with a sinful nature. This article looks at why we give in, and how Hebrews 12 can help us as we pray and persevere.

It's coming up to 3 years next month where we will celebrate 3 years since our youngest daughter's bone marrow transplant. (I'm sure I'll write again about it from our standing point now). Number 15 struck me again, as I reread it, I am again humbled and in awe of how God works!



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