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Mosaic (Apr 12)

Happy Friday!

Spring is in the air.

The birds are energetic and chirping long before the sun comes up. The sun goes down later which means it's harder to wrangle the kids inside for bed. It feels like a season of hope, of new life, of change.

Even on the verge of the changing season, things aren't as simple as we wish for sometimes.

We may be waiting for answered prayers, for something to change in our circumstances, and in the meantime begin to doubt or become discouraged.

"Our soul waits for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust his holy name. Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us, even as we hope in you" (Ps 33:20-22)

The Lord remains our constant protector as he guards us and watches over us. We can experience joy in trusting his name and depending upon his love, for he is constant and unwavering, faithful when we are faithless.

What are you trusting the Lord for today?

Grace & Peace,


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  • Who has inspired you? I'd invite you to meet a few women who have passion for the gospel, courage to go to the nations with its message and persevere through suffering with unwavering assurance in their Saviour.

On my Shelf

  • I started this one, the title just grabs you: Even If He Doesn't. We all face the tension of suffering, so I'm looking forward to how she teaches us.

In Articles 

What It Means to "Go Deeper" | Amy Gannett (Bible Study Schoolhouse)

Maybe you've had that longing to go deeper in your bible study, but you may have also heard the term and not really understood what it meant. Here Amy unpacks 3 principles to help us.

Your Elders Will Fail You | Bryan Schneider (Gentle Reformation)

This article is a call for grace in the face of unmet expectations.

Hope for Mamas with Sick Babies | Erin Ford (The Gospel Coalition, Canada)

If you or your loved ones have struggled with a sick baby, you'll resonate with the emotions and fears that often result. Erin writes to show us biblical truth in the heaviness of suffering.

Our own church will have this opportunity in a few weeks. While we always look forward to hosting them and hearing them share, this is a good reminder to be more intentional in our care.

Chasing our way in and through the chaos of conflict in marriage seems like a vortex sometimes, but there are sinful ways we respond for us to root out and repent of.

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