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My Mosaic (Apr 16)

Happy Friday friend!

This week was the last of summer campground reservations. Phew. We survived...and are blessed to look forward to spending time outdoors in the coming months (even more exciting today, because I'm still staring at snow through my window). Booking campgrounds this year was a blitz, trying to refresh your screen exactly at 7:00am, and hope for a good spot in the internet line-up (after the site crashed of course).

It's spring on the Canadian prairies and after a long, locked-down winter, it seems the whole province was trying to get camping spots. So, we are grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy some vacation time this summer.

Today, we also celebrate our wedding anniversary...16 years together!! (Just look at those young kids!)

How was your week? Any highlights, or lowlights?


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This Week Around the Web

"The size of your gift is not a reason to neglect it. In fact, it’s normal for gifts to start small and then grow bigger."

Encouragement from Tim Challies about a better way to live, not taking what's never been ours to claim, but to offer the Lord what we do have, our surrender.

Here's a short biography by Simonetta Carr, about the life of Ayako Miura, a Japanese woman who came to know Christ and used her gift of writing to pen novels with biblical themes, which grew to be widely distributed throughout the country.

"I run up against a performance trap mindset all the time. If I do this right, God will be pleased (and love me more). If I do this wrong, God will be mad (and not love me as much). I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by this. It’s colored by how we humans love one another. We’re quick to show our favor to those who are easy to love, and hesitant to show grace to those who make our lives difficult."



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