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Where's Your School Supplies, Mom?

What happens when Mom goes back to school?

No, really...what happens??

I kinda hoped you had an answer :)

(...but hopefully not insanity??)

By the end of this semester, I’ll be able to give you some of the initial results, but until then we are in preparation mode, to embark on a journey of learning and organizing.

It will be a great web of navigating homeschool, kids activities, work, local church and a couple of classes. Sorting through due dates, discussion forums and readings, alongside Awana clubs, soccer and hockey practice.

No pencil crayons, binders or geometry sets for me. Just a stack of big books and my student portal password.

Yes, I know you probably are thinking “she’s nuts”...and it’s probably true.

Learning is just inherent to who I am.

Since I graduated with my nursing degree, I’ve taken a Tropical Medicine certificate at West Virginia University, and community health courses, to help me treat patients in Africa; last year I completed the Arrow Leadership program, to help me grow in my leadership.

Education is something I’ve found to equip me for the roles I’ve had, the circumstances I’ve found myself in, and to the person I am becoming.

How do I plan to keep this all organized?

Here’s a few things that will help me stay on track:

1. iCloud calendar

This is really helpful to keep us all in the loop as to what’s going on. We can plan well as a family and transition to different activities well when we all know what the plan is. I love that it syncs across our phones, so that when we add things, we can all see it.

2. Journaling

The practice of journalling has really helped me to stay organized. I have a notebook where my to-do list, goals and schedule all sit. I use it to write out prayers and meditations during my abiding time, a habit tracker for consistency, and to write down quotes and notes of learning.

3. Todoist App

This is a neat app that functions as a to-do list (in case you hadn’t already guessed). It’s handy for when I’m at work, or out and about, to keep track of something I need to do. It’s helpful to enter items ahead of time that will come up later and I might forget.

4. God’s grace

I’ve got all kinds of plans, but the Lord holds them in His hands. I’ve got no strength outside of what He gives me, no wisdom other than where He grants it to me, and no ability to learn without Him. So I enter each day, trusting His sovereign will for my life, and surrender the moments, the to-do list and activities to His hands. Praying for eyes to see where He is at work in my day, to join Him in His kingdom work.

So, as this mama heads back into classes, with anticipation but also some trepidation, I’m gonna try to stay organized, loving the moments and the life He has given me.

What are your best tricks and tools to staying organized??



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