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What Song Makes You Feel Confident?

The words of song can be powerful. They move our emotions. The words are imprinted into us, an expressions of our heart in that moment of time.

"I will sing to the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being." Psalm 104:33

It was during the most difficult times in my life, that I learned the power of proclaiming truth through song.

Sweating in the tropical heat of Africa’s bush, the lone Christians in the area, spiritual forces of darkness pervading. I felt exhausted, with no fruit to show for my prayers and my Gospel. I learned to sing.

The uncertain times of transition, moving home, unsure of where my place is, losing hold of my identity. I continued to sing.

My baby girl lying in the ICU, tubes and lines coming from every part of her, not breathing on her own, her body on the edge of defeat. I forced myself to sing.

"The LORD your God is in your midst, A victorious warrior He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy." Zechariah 3:17

See, there is something powerful as we proclaim biblical truths through song. The words resonant deep inside us. They stir us, they plod us along, they empower us to take the next step, even when it is uncertain.

I think the song that fits this for me is Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear”.

I know who goes before me.

I know who stands behind.

The God of angel armies,

Is always by my side.

I think the first time I sang this was at conference in Africa, where a large group of us church planters were attending; the desperation in our cries for God to move powerfully against the spiritual darkness we battled daily, was imprinted deeply into my heart.

Our God, His name is Yahweh Tsebaoth, He rules over all the angelic hosts of heaven, and as David called out to Goliath, who had desecrated His name, reminding us that the battle is the Lord's, in everything we face.

So, the song brings me confidence, draws me back to truth of who God, is as my Defender, as the Faithful One and as the Sovereign One who holds all things in His hand.

What song makes you feel confident?



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