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What's On My Shelf (July 2022)

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

We're halfway through the year and great books just keep on coming! My current challenge is keeping sand out of my paper books and my iPad from overheating!

Anyone else??

I've put together the highlight reel from the last month of reading, I hope you find something of interest :)


Do you enjoy stories set in bookshops? Check. Do you love a story which unravels a character's family heritage? Check. Add in a treasure hunt and you've got a very dynamic read!

Hope (not her real name) doesn't stay in one community for too long, constantly looking over her shoulder. Just stopping in Wanishan Falls to pick up her mother's old books, she stumbles upon the elderly owners of the bookshop. Unfortunately, he has dementia and doesn't remember where the books are. So she's stuck staying while she searches the piles to find what she's looking for.

The owner's grandson comes along, suspicious of the newcomer and her intentions. As they get to know each other a friendship slowly grows, as he helps her figure out the clues to her past and the way to the future.

Hope's character has a traumatic past. I think the author does a good job helping the reader understand trauma responses and behaviors. Faith and support are so evident in this story, reminding us even as we grow older, we can play a role in the lives of others. 4 stars!

Set during WW1, and in Windsor Ontario, and the years following, there’s a lot to enjoy in this one. I loved the loyalty between brothers John and Jerry as they went from war to home, Adele’s courage to go to war and use her nursing skills to care for the wounded, and the sister who doesn’t understand, but listens when Adele returns. I enjoyed all the Canadian history about the tunneling companies in the war and the cultural climate during Prohibition.

There’s a dual timeline but most of the story happens between Jerry and Adele to explain Cassie’s present day mystery. I’d highly recommend this one if you enjoy historical fiction. 5 stars! (Note: general market fiction)

Doctor Cynthia Myers and Captain Rick Norton don't meet under normal circumstances. A warlord's army is coming to the African village she's serving in and he's tasked to get her out. The journey gets complicated as the team brings along their two wounded battling against limited resources and time. Themes of forgiveness and patience when people aren't perfect. Recommend for those who enjoy Christian suspense! 5 stars!

Bible Study

I really enjoy this series! This particular volume on the book of Nehemiah shows us how the tasks and challenges Nehemiah faced as he walks in obedience to God influences our own work for the kingdom today as light bearers in our churches and communities. Read my full review HERE. 5 stars!


Every Bible story tells us about the greatest story.

She introduces us to 30 women of Scripture, not just to tell their story, but to show us how each woman's role is a piece of the big picture of God's work in the world through Christ. This book has short, but meaty, chapters to help you grow in your understanding of the storyline of Scripture. I wrote a full review HERE. 5 stars!

Christian Living

It’s surprising to live in a world that has what they need yet feels so unsatisfied.

Why is it difficult to be content when you have so much?

Preacher Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) sought to answer this very relevant question through teaching a sermon series on Philippians 4:11-12. He saw the need in congregations and in his own life, to discover a life of contentment in the midst of need and trials. For Burroughs, “a Christian could find contentment in any circumstance if Christ Himself was his cherished possession.”

If you're among those living in prosperity, this is an important read! Check out my full review HERE. 5 stars!

Wherever you find your marriage lately, the good news of the gospel impacts what we believe about marriage and how we live within it. This book teaches us how this special relationship is shaped by scripture to help us love our spouse.

Read my full review HERE. 3 stars.

Thanks for checking out my list! What's on your shelf these summer days?

* denotes books I've received from Netgalley and/or the publisher with the opportunity to post an honest review


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