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The Time For Building

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

There's nothing more frustrating than rebuilding a sand castle.

Okay...maybe a few things, but working to get the sand just right, mounting each turret perfectly without crushing the foundation beneath, it's all a lot of hard work.

I can't imagine what it was like as the exiled Jews returned to Jerusalem, to see their ancestral city laying in a crumbled heap, without protection, without the vibrant life they'd known from the stories of the grandparents.

The book of Nehemiah tells us the story of how God initiates, and completes, restoration and our role in His work as His representatives. The walls need to be rebuilt for Jerusalem to become a place of worship again and He's working not only on the structures of the city, but also on the hearts of the people.

Nehemiah For You: Strength to Build for God by Eric Mason takes us chapter by chapter through this historical book to show us how the tasks and challenges Nehemiah faces as he walks in obedience to God and how that influences our work for the kingdom today as light bearers in our churches and communities.

He draws lessons for us as we serve in our local churches, about how to deal with opposition or resistance, how to move with one purpose, the value of surrendering our personal preferences, being a student first and foremost of God's Word.

This commentary series is one I really enjoy. They're written for the average church member so they're easy to follow and understand. With helpful reflection questions at the end of each section it's also very practical.

If you're studying the book of Nehemiah, this is a great resource for you to have!

Quick Stats # of pages: 176 pages

Level of Difficulty: Easy

My Rating: 5 stars

*A big thanks to the Good Book Company for the complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to post an honest review!


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