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Top 10 Blog Posts in 2021 (And Highlights of the Writing Life)

The writing life has been an ever-evolving journey the last few years. I've been encouraged and inspired by other writer's I've met and those in groups where I'm connected, who help sharpen and shape my words. I've had the privilege of guest posting and being the recipient of kind shares on other websites. The Momma Theologians also graciously accepted me onto their contributor team, which has been a lot of fun!

So, on the blog today, I'm sharing highlights from some of my features around the web, and the most visited articles from the blog! Enjoy!


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Here's the Top 10 From In The Vine

  1. Lessons in Life's Transitions

A life overseas is a life of transition. Here are a few lessons I've learned (and continue to learn) along the way.

2. From Sunrise to Sunset and Everything In Between

Four years ago today, I climbed into the back of an ambulance. It wasn’t the first time; as an ER nurse at a regional center I have often transferred critical patients to the city.

But this time, that critical patient was my daughter.

Our journeys lead us through some challenging times, how do we believe God in them?

3. Remaining Faithful While We Wait

Seasons of waiting arrive unexpectedly. Whether it’s a new job, a move, family or illness, we find ourselves torn between what we’ve hoped for, and what is. The circumstances, often out of our control, make it difficult to reconcile the tension of following the Lord’s leading, and not seeing the outcome we expected.

4. Endurance in the Christian Life

One thing we know about growth is that it won’t happen on its own. For plants to thrive they require sunlight, warmth, water and nutrients. There must be time and effort to provide this nourishment.

5. If You Feel Weary in Prayer

In trying times, we notice our prayers sound repetitive, many remain unanswered. We start to feel weary in it. Here's encouragement if you find yourself there.

6. Praying for Healthcare During Covid [2nd Edition]

Reflecting on healthcare today... what a difference a year makes (and helpful tips for prayer).

7. A Better Definition of Beauty

Summer can be the worst of time for women, swimsuits and tan lines, beaches crowded with people; we can’t help but compare ourselves, surrounded by so many seeming opportunities.

How do we define beauty? Or, who defines it for us?

8. Putting Our Contentment To The Test

You remember the moments a newborn lays over your shoulder, a full belly leads to a deep, surrendered sleep. Are there moments you feel that restful contentment?

Here's some places to find satisfaction.

9. On Quenching Our Spiritual Thirst

You don't have to look very far around here to see the signs of drought: wilty plants, dusty soil and dry river beds. You can almost feel the thirst. What about when our spiritual tank is this dry? Here's biblical encouragement to satisfy.

10. The Search for Answers and 2 Responses When You Find Them

Looking for answers in the middle of your hardest times? What happens when they're found? Here's two responses, and one better way.

Thanks for checking out this highlight reel! I hope you found something that was an encouragement to you! If so, I'd love for you to share it!


Find the highlight reels from previous years here:

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