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The Hands of Grace

The most helpless place to sit is in a hospital room with your child. 

Seven years ago, our six-month-old daughter suddenly became sick with double pneumonia, requiring ICU level care—a breathing tube and ventilator. Exhaustion took its toll as we spent day after day learning all the medical jargon, persisting in prayer, and sleeping restlessly to the sound of the ventilator. My mind felt numb while my stomach swirled with nausea. Fatigue encumbered every physical movement as though weights were holding down my limbs. Weariness clung to me as a constant companion. 

It’s a season deeply imprinted in my memories; we came very close to losing her. 

After six weeks in the hospital, a specialist became curious. Following further tests, he found the reason for her severe illness: an immunodeficiency she’d had since birth. One illness revealed another, and we soon found ourselves on a new and urgent treatment path toward a bone marrow transplant.  

Yet, God was exceedingly gracious to us in the weeks and months ahead through our daughter’s miraculous healing, his faithful presence with us, and the hands of the church who blessed us...  



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