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My Mosaic (Sept 25)


It's Friday! (Loud cheer)

It's quite the thing, getting into a new routine, leading the kids into rhythms and preparations for these full days back at school.

I've been going through the minor prophets lately, reaching the end of my journey through the Old Testament for the year. I am reminded of the role these prophets played in communicating old truths and future truths to a people who were often not receptive to their words.

Yet, God had a role for these prophets, a special role - to proclaim truth, to acknowledge sin, warn of judgement, and point to promise. As we lead our children preparing them for their day and hustling them out the door, our role is also to give them truth. These truths are meant so that they meditate on Him throughout their day; to think on words of warning and words of promise.

As you step into this Friday, may you lead your children with the Word! Equipping them with the grace of God through the power of His Word.

Here are some articles I found this week, hope you enjoy!

Struggle with racing thoughts? Or just intrusive unwanted ones? "Once you accept that not all thoughts are needed, you are free to ruthlessly take your thoughts captive and throw the unwanted to the dumpster." Here are some tips how.

With the move to online learning, be aware that spam can arrive on your child's Google Drive account. Read more for the details!

"The bottom line, hard-to-believe truth is that the path to thriving faith on the other side of any transition—including this pandemic—is plain, but many won’t take it."

Scripture teaches us that God looks at the heart of a person, not the outward appearance. We watched this clip in my Human Development class this week, so I thought I'd share. An interesting reflection on how we perceive ourselves in relation to what others see.

"Biblical meditation is fundamentally different—and so much more hopeful. The treasure is from outside of us, not within us." There has been a renewed interest in the practice of meditation, mostly from a secular perspective. What about the long held Christian practice of meditation, and how does it differ?

"Now that we’ve been going through this mess for almost six months, certain areas have surfaced where – if this is all a big life test – we aren’t exactly getting an “A”. For those who follow Christ, there is one area in particular that deserves attention. It is giving into the temptation to turn inward, to give ourselves over to our emotions and felt needs in ways that aren’t spiritually healthy."

This is the first video by the Bible Project that I've seen, but I'll definitely check them out more! Here's a teaching about one aspect of the character of God, His grace.



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