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My Mosaic (Nov 26)

Happy Friday!

This weekend we celebrate the first week of advent. We've pulled out our advent wreath, a family devotional book and some Christmas baking recipes.

Time once again has seemed to fly by and we arrive on the eve of a season intended to draw us into the miraculous beauty of our salvation. We fix our eyes on the faithfulness of the Father - bringing about fulfilment of prophecy, the humility of the Son - as He took on human flesh, and the quiet work of the Spirit - stirring Mary's womb and His ongoing work of revealing the Son. The essence of this season, as we meditate on God's wonderful work, is His invitation to know and enjoy Him deeper.

How are you celebrating advent this year? How do you want to know and enjoy God more this season?


Advent Study

P.S. It's not too late to join our advent study!


This Week On The Blog


This Week in Articles

From Tim Challies, who is living through the loss of a child, here are some tangible and thoughtful sentences to share.

"I don’t know about you, but when I am face to face with my own sin, when I see the reality of my pride and selfishness, when the mirror of God’s Word reveals the ugliness of my heart, I don’t naturally think that God wants me."

"I’ve come to realize why it is so rare: confession is hard. Confession is ugly, and painful, and exhausting. Mortification is often violent and requires steady aggression. It is wearying to be reminded of sin and its pervasiveness, in our own bodies and in the body of Christ at large."

"You might feel more comfortable keeping Mary sweetly reflective in December’s manger, not at November’s feasting table. However, her words of effusive praise, are nothing short of a giving of thanks to God for all he has done and is doing. "

Check out this episode of the Journeywomen podcast! I was deeply challenged on the topic of idolatry and the loves of my heart.

If you've been looking across your shelf for a devotional or reflection as we enter the advent season, here are a few I have enjoyed over the years.



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