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My Mosaic (Mar13)

Happy Friday!

If you hadn't heard, Manitoba has it's first confirmed case of the Covid-19 virus (check out the news conference here). Working in healthcare, we've been getting ready for this for awhile now. Let's remember that our God is sovereign, and has known what this pandemic will hold. We struggle as we experience a loss of control over what is happening around us and that can be scary. Yet, God is in control. We need to draw nearer to Him, and learn to depend on Him, in the midst of these chaotic times, because He has not left us, nor forsaken us.

Changing the normal for how we interact, and the seriousness with which take flu-like symptoms will become prevalent as the virus travels across populations. What do we do in the meantime, and how do we lead our gatherings?

A reminder about the economic impacts that this virus is having, and ways to pray for Italy.

I work in an emergency department and ICU, and if you get sick - even with Covid-19, I will be taking care of you! Here are some great things to pray for me and my coworkers!!

There are no perfect parents. We all need to remember that we will, at times, react badly to our kids. So here's a great resource to remind us how to reconcile well when we've flipped our lid.

Hope you enjoy the articles! And, again, appreciate your prayers for us as we navigate working with the pandemic!

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