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My Mosaic (Mar 20)

Happy Friday...or...Happy(?) Covid-19 Stay-cation... ??

School is out today for the next 3 weeks. Some of us may be excited, some of us utterly overwhelmed. It's been a real challenge. The daily changes have affected my work - obviously our emergency department has been navigating the issue daily- and also my life as a mom, with school closures, childcare and a transplant kiddo.

I don't know about you, but after a couple days at work, I plopped down at home and said "one hour...just one hour without the C-word!"

So, as you're home checking news updates and trying to keep all the kiddos wrangled, fed and happy, I've found it helpful to limit my social media and news checking to once or twice throughout the day. We gotta take care of our mental and emotional health in all this.

How have you been taking care of yourself this week?

*This week on the blog:

Finding articles was a challenge for me this week. Do you really want to read more about Covid, or is it time for something else? I've tried to include both. Hope they will help your thinking this weekend!

"To believe the truth about the Gospel, one must do more than mentally assess it." Here's an encouragement for us, as believers, to dig deeper into the soil of the Word to become deeper rooted in Him.

Take some time during this season to do some journaling and reflection, it helps our emotional health as we navigate what's going on in our hearts and souls.

This is a really helpful article for the parent! She encourages us to process the changes Covid is causing, with our children by using a Sticky-Note exercise to help build emotional resilience in our kids.

Maybe you are exhausted with reading about Covid, I know I have been. I found this article helpful, because the media is inciting us to further panic by using language to make us think that the world is in chaos and panic. I don't think that's mostly the case. I think that people are doing what they are asked to do, prepare. And when we all do that at the same time, it stresses the resources a bit. Exceptions are the brawling at Costco, but thankfully, that's not the new normal.

Ligonier Ministries has put all their teaching series on the app for free until June. I know most churches have access to online resources, like RightNow Media, but here is another way to learn and grow in your faith, and all it takes is your time!

In the middle of global chaos, there are pieces of our remembering to surrender. Reminding us of who God is, and His plan through the ages of time for His glory.



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