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My Mosaic (June 25)

Happy Weekend!

We are enjoying the week in the bush camping;🏕 hiking, swimming in the lake and relaxing. I hope you have a restful weekend as well!


This Week in Articles

For a beautiful countenance — count blessings.

For beautiful lips — only speak words that make souls stronger.

To carry yourself with poise — carry each other’s burden.

For the most beautiful shape — simply live with one hand receiving all as gift, and other hand giving away the gifts. You becoming the shape of a gift —

Becoming the shape of a Cross.”

A humble reminder that, “too often we settle for the shallow approval of the world rather than the eternal embrace of the Father.”

Every investment in our spiritual health, no matter how big or small, is a life-giving choice. It steers us on a path of righteousness and holiness as we follow the example of Jesus.”

The gospel changes everything, even how we use our time. Here’s some practical ways that plays out.

Regardless of our personal style or our leadership resume, as mothers, we sit in the seat of influence with our sons. How we respond to their initiative, their creativity, and the all-pervasive boy-energy in our home goes a long way in defining our sons’ confidence.”



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