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My Mosaic (July 30)

Happy Friday!

This week ends my husband's sabbatical. It has been a very different kind of summer for us, and I'm grateful for all the memories we've made as a family and among friends. While we've spent more time the last six weeks sleeping in the camper, it's been a great time of exploring beaches, trails and lakes, making a couple new friends along the way.

As August begins, we've got another month of summer, which will include camp and swimming lessons, but before I start jumping ahead to think about September, right now just means shifting back to normal routine at home :)

What have you enjoyed about this summer so far?


This Week On The Blog

"Isn't it amazing to consider, one of the main themes in scripture is, God wants to be with us." Read more about how scripture shows us God's plan to be with us.

If prayer is talking to God, it should be simple, right? Isn't it interesting then, how hard it can be sometimes. As we teach and model prayer in our families and with children, here's a new resource that helps explain the practice of prayer through the lens of the gospel.


This Week in Articles

"Why hadn’t they made an effort to get to know me? But his response wasn’t exactly the sympathetic nod of agreement I thought I needed. Instead he said, “I think you need to learn to be a ‘Jonathan.’” I think we can all struggle with relationships at times, expecting others to be the ones making the effort, but here's a game-shifting lesson from Jonathan.

Find some biblical principles as you pray for your teenager's sexuality.

Along the theme of friendship, here's my friend Twyla sharing, "until we see the reward of embracing openness as worth the risk, we will long for deeper, truer friendships, but not actually experience them for ourselves."

"Sometimes, in the Christian life, it can feel like we are in the kitchen without a recipe. We know what the finished product should look and taste like. We are just not sure exactly how to get there. And we far too often bring these feelings to our practice of repentance."

A great reminder of God's hand at work in ordinary, everyday faithfulness.



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