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A Dwelling Place

{Today, my article is featured at Calla Press where their mission is to uplift broken people through the gift of words and imagery to glorify Jesus Christ.}

My kids love being with their people. I mean, really love it. They eagerly anticipate time to spend together with the ones they love. Whether it’s a birthday party with family, a camping trip, or a bible study night, they want to know who will be there and respond with animated joy. Complete with shouts of excitement, jumping up and down, and persistent questioning, “how much longer?” as the hours wind down until it’s time to go.

You could say they’re extroverted, excitable even.

They find so much joy in simply being together; they treasure it.

From the creation of the garden, walking together with Adam and Eve, God reached out in relationship to the ones crafted in his likeness. Fractured by the luring temptation of sin, that relationship forever changed, but not without him first planting the seed of hope, a promise of victory...

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