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My Mosaic (July 24)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Happy Friday!

Weeding the garden, turning Saskatoon berries into pies, and pickling cucumbers were the highlights of my week. Turning the produce of our garden into deliciousness for the coming year is a bunch of work, but it's a fun, flavorful tradition for our family!

The tomatoes are about to turn color, so making salsa will be on the horizon. I'm going to try doing some tomato sauce and/or pizza sauce this year too.

Do you have a favourite recipe I could try??

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Here are some articles I found this week, I hope they encourage you!

This article by Melissa Kruger really encouraged me to think through how I serve, and what I think about serving. "It’s an uncomfortable question to ask ourselves, but it’s one that needs asking:How sacrificial is my giving? What is it costing me today to serve others?"

"This summer, as I’ve worked with my plants, God has reminded me (convicted my heart) to wait with expectation. Stop giving up hope when results aren’t quick. Stop beingimpatient for growth. Wait expectantly for things to grow in their own time, in their own season. Confess and repent for losing hope for seeds planted, not trusting God to do His work."

"On my own, fear can be a powerful deterrent, but with God, fear does not get the final say."

This article is part one of a three part series where Tim Challies reviews the book "White Fragility." It's a book on my to-read list, so I found this discussion helpful!

A new podcast with Jackie Hill Perry, Jasmine Holmes and Melissa Kruger. This episode was about fighting sin. I appreciate the honesty and conviction that they share.



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