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My Mosaic (July 17)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Happy Friday!

The weekend is here! What have you got planned??

I will be working. (I hope not to see you there).

It is only right after 10 days away :) There is a time for rest and a time to get back to work. I am reminded of the simple pleasures of time away, to restore perspective, refresh and to actually experience rest in new ways.

I pray that as your summer unfolds, you will find the same opportunities, on a walk, on your deck, or in the moments you find your family all together.


Here are some articles for you to check out this week, hope you enjoy!

This article was a load of healthy conviction. "This difficult time of Coronavirus provides an opportunity to consider what actions we are taking to avoid sin and to limit the impact of our sin upon others."

It seems a good dose of conviction was in store for me this week. Here are Paul Tripp's words about the work of marriage, "You and I tend to want the other to work hard because that will make our lives easier, but we don't really want to have to sign in for the hard work ourselves." That was for me today!

In light of the pandemic, teens battling anxiety has been increasing (from what I gather from working in an ER). Here is some insight and helps for you if your teen is struggling with anxiety.

When the older ladies remind you, at the most inopportune time, to "just treasure every moment," you may cringe and wonder if that is even possible. Here is some encouragement.

Well, I don't have a teenage boy yet, but I always enjoy perusing a book list! A lot of these will also be great for teen girls, and some on the list we have already read. Enjoy!

So, I'm usually not a podcast listener, but I've been trying out a few lately when I go for a run or make dinner. This episode is an interview with Jen Oshman about LOVE. It was great!!

~photo taken at Hecla Island, Manitoba



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