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My Mosaic (Jan 7)

Welcome to 2022!

As we've entered this new year, do you have any practices or resolutions to help you move into the days ahead? Some choose a word for the year, others a Bible verse. Some think through goals or resolutions.

I'm a goal setting kind of gal, and I enjoy the practice of examen, as I look past on the year, where God was working in my life, where I've been growing, where I need to continue surrendering and walking in obedience.

In my book review on the blog this week I looked at Wendy Alsup's upcoming release, "I Forgive You" and found myself spending time reflecting on Genesis 41:52 where Joseph names his sons; "the name of the second he called Ephraim, "For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction."

I began considering my own fruitfulness in times of hardship this year and saw that instead of producing greater love, joy, peace and patience, my recent responses to affliction have been frustration, impatience and bitterness-a humbling realization, drawing me into the cocoon of His grace. It's a good place to be, settled at His feet, seeking His strength and mercy for the days ahead.


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This Week in Articles

Pursue Biblical Literacy, Mommas

"We scour blogs on feeding schedules, read books about taming toddlers, and even search YouTube for tutorials on the perfect swaddle. We want to be the best moms, which of course, is a worthy endeavor. While we need to know the basic how-tos for raising children, may I suggest an even more worthy endeavor of our studies? That is, the study of God’s Word."

3 Ways to Use Social Media More Wisely in 2022

Yes, everyone with a smartphone needs to hear this!

Our Friends Shape Us More Thank We Think

"It’s not hard to imagine friend groups within the Galatian church discussing the importance of observing these things and giving each other seemingly good reasons why Paul was wrong. As these ideas looped between friends, perhaps they gained steam and reinforced disobedience to Christ. Bad doctrine can become a social norm.“

Hope for Forgetful Moms

"Our forgetful minds make for funny moments, but beneath the silly lurks the painful. Sometimes we forget what’s important. We forget our promises to our children and face the disappointment in their eyes. We forget the prayers we meant to say on behalf of a friend and feel defeated. We forget the sweet words of Scripture and we sin against our husband once again. Why can’t we seem to remember?"

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