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My Mosaic (Jan 20)

Hey friend,

May your time spent in a different rhythm and flow this weekend grant your body rest to prepare you for the service of others in the week to come, your spirit refreshment in fellowship and the Word, and your mind peace as you fix your thoughts on the things of Him.

Hope you find something of interest in the highlights this week! Grace and peace to you.


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

Seeking Validation

"Have I done well? We yearn to know that our actions hold value."

Caregiving as a Ministry and Calling

"We want to reframe caregiving from an unexpected burden to a ministry that God lovingly calls us to." The first in a series to encourage you in your caregiving - whether you care for your medically fragile child, aging parents or those in your church community.

Millennials, Don't Waste Your Childlessness

An interesting conversation to reflect on God's purpose for our lives, whether we're married with a family or we're single. Spiritual family is key.

Strains of the Season: Sickness

For every mom struggling through winter with illness after illness, weary and exhausted. Also for you if you have a friend in that spot, with encouragement on how to love them well.

Making Yourself At Home With God

"John repeatedly offers believers the comforting reminder that God abides in them, as well as the exhortation that they, in turn, must remember to abide in Him — to make their home with Him, as it were. And what a home it is! But why so many reminders? I suspect because making ourselves at home with Christ isn’t something that is easily done."

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