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My Mosaic (Feb 25)

Happy Friday!

It's the last weekend of February!! After this we anticipate what spring will hold, the warmth of the sun, melting snow (there sure is a lot of it this year) and longer days-it seems cabin fever is setting in.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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This Week in Articles

How to Find Peace in Difficult Circumstances

"In the middle of struggle…in the middle of gnawing heartbreak…in the middle of the circumstances that feel unreasonable…how can we surrender and truly feel God’s peace no matter the circumstances?"

Four Reasons to Try Fasting

"On the surface, fasting may not sound appealing. But if at any time in your life, you've recognized the hunger that rages within your soul—the one that tells you nothing in this world will satisfy—consider fasting as a way to taste and see and receive the Lord's abundance."

5 Lies About Christian Community that Sound True and Why They Are Not

"Surprisingly, the lines are often blurred between genuine, biblical community and various impostors, creating confusion for Christians. Here are five lies about Christian community that sound true but are actually wildly deceiving."

My Love for Canada is Overwhelmed with Lament

"What I am experiencing most these last four weeks is the deep sorrow of grief, and that is now working its way out into lament, which is a passionate expression of the same.

So here is my attempt at public lament, while trying to avoid the trap of side-taking and the who’s right-and-who’s-wrong warfare that seems to have overtaken every moment of time in the public square for the last four weeks."

LISTEN: Where I Never Thought I'd Be: A Momma's Theology of Suffering

Find me on the Momma Theologians podcast this week reading my essay on growing a theology of suffering.

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