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My Mosaic (Dec 6)

Happy First Week of Advent!

It's the beginning of celebrations for our family this week, as we had our Awana Christmas party, I did some Christmas baking and the tree, nativity scenes and lights are up!! I love the beauty of the glow of the lights on the tree in the morning and the smell of green in our home. The senses usher me into celebration.

It was my first year trying out some Christmas baking, what recipes do you usually make??

Here's this week's articles, enjoy!

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I love to read, ever since I was a kid. But, left to on my own I would tend to stick to fictional stories and, believe it or not, would get tired of reading. A friend of mine was doing this reading challenge by Tim Challies, and when I came across it, it changed my outlook completely and it changed my reading habits. I began reading genres I never had before, and I enjoyed it. Check it out! Take the challenge! :) And let me know if you do!

As the New Year approaches, perhaps you've given thought to a "resolution" for the coming year. As we think about our physical health, and the habits surrounding them, here's an article from Redeeming Productivity to help us think through the purpose in it all.

A quick reflection on some cultural highlights through the last 10 years, and 3 shifts that affect the church.

It doesn't take long for me to get frustrated with smartphone use...unless I'm the one doing it. These tips were a good reminder for me to keep up healthy habits and be aware of how my time is used.

We celebrate the birth of Christ, and we can truly celebrate his humanity because it means that He knows us wholly. His incarnation into a physical body means that Jesus identifies with our weaknesses and our needs. An encouragement for us as we celebrate who He is.

No matter where you are, where you live, or the community you are a part of, we can find ourselves wondering if we really belong. Here's a testimony sharing the heart of belonging, that we belong to Christ.



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