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What's On My Shelf (December 2019)

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

In this edition of "what's on my shelf", I've collected the books that crossed my shelves (or iPad) the last couple months. Hope you enjoy looking through the list, and that something will catch your eye!

What's on your shelf these days? Anything to recommend??

Christian Living

This book is not about being a mom, it's about being a nurturer to those around us. The author takes us through the story of Scripture to help us see God's story as He nurtured Israel and how Christ becomes the centre of our story as we disciple those around us.

"People need to see the depth of their sin so that they come to a fuller understanding of the depth of God's grace." This quote reminded me of my own understanding of grace, leading me to recognize the error of my own ways, ignoring the depth of my own sin. To know and to live the Gospel, we too must recognize our need for Christ. This book reminds us to be on our guard for the gospel and how the Gospel brings true change. Five star read!!

The burden and suffering of pregnancy and infant loss is more common sometimes than we think. If you know someone who is struggling, or if you're a grandparent, sister, this book is a great gift. It's part memoir, part journal and teaches us to lean on Christ in our suffering. Read my full review here.

This book reminds me that the spiritual armour of Ephesians 6 is armour that is first won by Christ himself. We can know we have victory because Christ has already won the victory. Read my full review here.

Biography and Memoir

Seven women who I got to know through this collection of biographies. These women were each unique in their gifts and shaped the people and culture around them in different ways, yet each significant.

A collection of short biographies of men and the way that their godly mothers influenced their success.

A personal narrative written by the author to his son, addressing his concerns for his son about growing up in America, a country tangled with issues of race. I read about what it was like for him growing up, and was given new insight into his perspective, pains and struggles. I wouldn't agree with all his conclusions, but his story important to share.

Church History

Church history isn't something I learned a lot about, so I appreciate stepping into the past, to learn about these people who shaped the early church and what they had to fight through in order to bring steadfastness to the Gospel we hold to.


I have never finished reading the whole Chronicles of Narnia series, so it's on my list of things to finish this year! (Only the last book to go!) I really enjoyed this one, too. It revealed to me, that I can be a lot like Jill, given truths but prone to getting distracted by my circumstances and thus forgetting what I know.

This is the first in a 3 part series, a story about a gifted sister, heir to the kingdom, who gives away the strength of body to her paralyzed brother, in hopes that he will be healed by journeying to and entering the Great Falls. It feels to me like Lord of the Rings, the quest, the friends and discoveries along the way.

Happy Reading!

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