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My Mosaic (Dec 4)

Happy December!

It's a wonderful time of year, as snow falls, gifts are wrapped, cookies are baked and shared. We started our family advent devotional with the kids, adding a piece everyday to their Playmobil nativity set.

Some traditions are on hold this year. I didn't buy Christmas outfits for the kids, there are no lines to memorize for the Christmas program, and I've got 250 Christmas cards sitting in my closet...trying to figure out how I'm going to disperse them.

What doesn't change is the reason we celebrate.

Maybe that's the most humbling thing of all. That if all our traditions and celebrations were taken away, would it still "be" Christmas? Would we still celebrate? Is it worth our time and our effort to remember, even if it's only for ourselves and our families?

Important questions to continue considering as we embark on Christmas 2020. May your advent remembrance bring you hope and peace, as we consider all that God has done for us.


This week on the blog:


These are a few articles I found from around the web this week, I hope you enjoy!

"The daily act of caring for children is a worthy and beautiful task that reflects God’s daily care for us."

Seems like the new buzzword these days is 'civil disobedience'. Here's an article that provides a historical perspective to how the early church responded to pestilence and infection and his opinion on where the threshold lies.

Found some new, very amazing songs here!

"One of the greatest blessings of financial deprivation has been the opportunity to see God’s provision over and over again and to build a foundation for my children of understanding that God is our Provider."

"What we DO NEED to do to know Him better:

According to Psalm 19, 119, Hebrews 4:12, 2 Timothy 3:16 and others, to know God we need to read the Bible. Period."

Here's an article by CBC that, I hope, helps bring some understanding to the critical situation of intensive care in our province.

"As you pray during the days of Advent, ask the Lord to help you pause, look back, look forward, point others to Christ, and know where true contentment is found. Let prayer pave the way to reflection and worship as you come and adore him."

If you happen to be interested in some very pretty wallpapers for you phone screens, my friend Natalie has some beautiful ones!

Have a wonderful week.

Grace & Peace.



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