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What's in Your Earbuds?

Have you thought about lately, the enormous amount of free information we have access to these days??

You can learn more about cooking, listen to true crime stories, or catch up on the latest sermons. All you need to do is google a top 10 list of podcasts in any genre.

I'll confess that I haven't usually been a huge fan. Listening to chit-chat for half an hour didn't really seem worth my time, so I avoided them for a long while. Until recently, when I began searching for something edifying for my morning run. I opened up the good old iTunes app and searched around until I found something to try.

I discovered that not all podcasts are small talk, but I've found deep encouragement, learning and motivation in their words. There is a level of patience and curiosity required as you learn about the host and their personality, and having some goals in mind makes a big difference.

So, even now when I'm in the car, I find myself putting on a podcast, there's my confessions, I've been converted! (The next step could be listening to audiobooks....??)

If you have been wondering about something to listen to, but aren't sure where to start, here are a few shows that have crossed my playlist and I have enjoyed.

An initiative of the Gospel Coalition, with hosts Jasmine Holmes, Jackie Hill Perry and Melissa Kruger, there's 10 episodes on a variety of topics, ranging from mentoring, making decisions and building friendships. If I'm gonna rate them, this is one gets 5 stars! I listened to them all!

Hosted by Hunter Beless, she interviews Christian authors and leaders about life and faith. I'm not a binge listener, more of a snacking kind, so I pick out a few here and there on something I'm interested in. (Episode 104 with Jen Oshman on love was excellent!)

This is a podcast by Lifeway. They posted Jen Wilkin's "Sermon on the Mount" teaching series, and it was so good!

Seriously, each episode is just 5 minutes about people, places and situations throughout the history of the church. Your host is Stephen Nichols.

Here you have Jen Wilkin, JT English and Kyle Worley, who sit around a table talking about theology. It's not for academics, but regularly people, like you and me, to learn more about the bible.

Your host is Jen Oshman, who applies a biblical worldview to many cultural issues that we face, ranging from abortion, gender dysphoria and and screen time, just to name a few.

I also have on my list, listen to "Help Me Teach the Bible" with Nancy Guthrie, when I'm studying a book of the Bible, Jeff Medders on "Home Row" where he interviews authors about writing and "Risen Motherhood" has a great one for encouragement to moms.

Podcasts are a great medium when you're actively doing something else and still have the space to listen, like when you're driving, exercising or cooking (disclaimer: only a few recipes have been muddled from distraction). I hope that some of these will be an encouragement to you, and I'd love to hear in the comments below, podcasts that you have enjoyed!

I'd love some recommendations, what's on your podcast playlist lately?



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