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My Mosaic (August 30)

And the long weekend has arrived! I'll just say that summer has ended abruptly here in Manitoba. Perhaps it's my African side coming out, but temperatures are getting cool outside...and we're going camping this weekend for the last hurrah! I'm thinking we will go through a lot of firewood!

(This week on the blog: What Song Makes You Feel Confident? and 3 Questions To Ask As You Set The Pace)

Telling the Kids: Helping Our Children Know and Worship God through Suffering

Here's a challenging article to us as parents, about how we help our kids walk through trials in life. So important in how we disciple our kids.

Where's the Line Between Helpful Info-Sharing and Office Gossip?

A good, humbling reminder for me to evaluate the words I speak!

One Woman's Legacy

An article about an 18th century Scottish woman name Mary Slessor, who helped to transform southeast Nigeria, and how her efforts continue to impact the area today.

An Open Letter to Pastors about the Teens in their Congregation

Written by Katherine Forster, who authors the book "Transformed by Truth: Why and How To Study the Bible for Yourself As A Teen" Some encouraging words for us 'older' members of the church, to understand some of the issues teens face and the relationships they often long for.

How the Ruling Princes of Liechtenstein defeated the abortion activitsts.

Our family has some of it's heritage out of the country of Liechtenstein, so this was an interesting article for me and a challenge to all of us, to act with integrity within the sphere of influence we are given.

Throwback: Friends Are The Best Helpers - 2 Reasons It Begins With Us

As we wander back into the school season, how are we doing in the relationships with people around us? Are we investing in people? Are we there for our friends? We all need support and encouragement, let's be that for each other.

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