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My Mosaic (August 23)

Here we are again, the end of another week. My garden produce is slowly being transformed into salsas and sauces for the year and my "school-shelf" is getting organized as the kiddos are entering Grade 3, Kindergarten, and Pre-School. I asked the infamous question to my kiddos, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' And the most current answers they gave me are: "A missionary doctor in Russia", a "police detective" and "a mommy." If they will be anything like me as a kid, there will be many different answers over the years. How are you getting ready for the new season ahead?

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Don't Use 'Calling' To Avoid Serving "We are not called to use people in our church for our glory, but to serve them for God’s glory." It's true, we can hold onto what we believe is our 'calling' and forget to demonstrate love and serve those around us, even when it doesn't "fit". As we serve outside of our comfort zones, we learn to depend more on God in our weaknesses.

"Instead of solving the problem she could solve, she attempted to solve a problem she could not solve." An article by Tim Challies, encouraging us to pay attention to the circumstances in front of us and serve with the uniqueness God has gifted us with.

We, as mothers, are busy people. There's not usually a moment in our day where we sit and wonder if there's anything for us to do. How we live, and how we act are reflections of what we believe and training up our kids is a major part of what we do. So here's some encouragement and tips towards learning theology.

This is a brief article by Sheila Stephen about the life of Josephine Butler and her passion for social justice. She was a British woman who fought for women's rights, the abolition of slavery and served the people around her who had been rejected. Stephen draws out faith lessons from Josephine's life and challenges for us today.

Here's a humbling challenge for us. It brings up some difficult feelings inside of us, but let's face them and bring glory to God in all we do.

Here's an exciting video by AIM's On-Field Media, of the celebration among the Rendille people in Kenya last year, when they first received the New Testament in their language. Brings back sweet memories of Africa :)



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