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My Mosaic (Aug 21)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Welcome to the weekend :)

We are enjoying our last camping trip for the summer, up in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. It's a little sad, but it's good because of all the fun, and sweet memories made on our outings in the midst of a really weird year.

All the planning and ambiguity about the upcoming fall season is beginning to fizzle into Manitoba now, as classes prepare to start in less than 3 weeks! A virtual town hall meeting to voice concerns about return to school takes place amidst rising Covid cases in the province.

In some ways, we've had 6 months to address these challenges, and I feel like there is still just as much uncertainty. We obviously can't predict the future. We won't be able to guarantee that Covid won't enter the schools. So what's the best course of action? What are the best practices we can put into place to protect each other, but also to promote an environment conducive to learning?

I know that we've had to address these exact issues in healthcare, and put policies and protocols in place. So, let's continue to pray for the school systems as they prepare for students, and trust that none of these challenges are beyond the control of our Heavenly Father.


New this week!

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Here are some articles and links I have for you this week, hope you enjoy!

"We wait for the Creator to show us what this garden would look like if the fall had never happened."

"Uncertainty fogs our future and anxiety dogs our plans. But here, too, is an invitation from the whispering God of Elijah: be still and know that I am God."

Feel like this is all of us at some point this year. "The truth is God doesn’t call us to depend upon ourselves; he calls us to trust in him to provide what we need to live for him. He gives us just what we need for each day and promises to be there on the next to provide for us again."

Check out my friend Tammy's site where she designs beautiful wall art and cards. She's my go to for Christmas cards....which I guess I should start planning for...



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