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What's On My Shelf (May 2020)

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Reading has been an enjoyable past time for me. I always enjoy learning new things, seeing how God worked in the lives of people through their stories and from events that played out in history.

I am prone to hunker down in Christian living and Christian fiction, but I have been trying to stick to this year's #VtReadingChallenge2020 to remind me to pick up titles that I wouldn't normally read, genres that I may not naturally gravitate to.

So, here are a few titles that crossed my shelf the last couple months. Find me on Goodreads to discover more books and favourites ;)

I always enjoy Nancy Guthrie's teaching, this new release took me to the people in Jesus' life, both those we'd call scoundrels, and the one we'd call saints. She reveals Check out my full review here.

This book went straight to my favourites list!! Written for the ordinary believer, the author teaches us the value and importance of the sacraments, an important topic for us as believers. Read my full review here.

The heart of God for us is gentle and lowly. We forget that often in the midst of our sin and the suffering we may endure. This book leads us to discover the heart of God, even when our circumstances cause us to feel otherwise. My review can be found here. :)

In preparation for Easter, I found this to be a timely read. The resurrection of Jesus is central to the Gospel, and at the same time is at odds with popular culture. The author defends the accuracy of the resurrection, how the resurrection is taught through the Scriptures and what it means for us today.

As we celebrated Easter, I found this to be a very helpful resource. It is written as a chronology of Scripture about the events leading up to and ending the life of Jesus. This book would be great for family devotions before Easter.

If you enjoy reading biographies and history, this is a great book to pick up! It is set during the Reformation and tells the story of women (many whom I had not heard of) who took a stand for the faith, each within the unique circumstances of life where they found themselves. 5 stars from me, I highly recommend it!

If you are studying a book of the bible, this series of commentaries is a great one for the lay person. I found it easy to read and highly practical! You can find them on Amazon, usually for $3.99.

I found this as an ebook from the library. It sparked my interest because the author is a psychologist specializing in trauma. It is part memoir, part psychology, telling her story of captivity at Auschwitz and the journey of her healing from the trauma she experienced. This is not written from a Christian perspective, but I still found value in hearing her story.

The Number of Love by Roseanna White

You'll enjoy this historical fiction of the codebreakers. Set during the Great War, Margot has the uncanny ability to the German telegrams, so she's whisked into the secretive room 40 to help the efforts.

The Captured Bride by Michelle Griep

This is a very Last of the Mohicans style story with Mercy, a scout facing danger alongside the traitorous Elias as they make a trek between Forts. A great addition to this series. (5 stars)

Which titles have crossed your shelf lately?


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