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What's On My Shelf (Aug 2022)

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

How is your summer reading going?

Reading days on the beach are still on the menu for a handful of weeks. So what's on your list to tackle yet?

Here's my pile for this month, I hope you find something of interest to you!

Christian Living

* Fruitful Theology: How the Life of the Mind Lens to the Life of the Soul by Ronni Kurtz

This was an excellent read! It was pretty timely for me. He shares about how growing in our knowledge of God ought to impact not only our head, but our heart and therefore our character, manifesting in fruit of the Spirit. I'd say it's a must-read for those who enjoy theology. Read my whole review HERE. (5 stars)

* Write it On Their Hearts: Practical Help for Discipline Your Kids by Christ & Melissa Swain

For parents, the great commission begins in our homes - going and making disciples starts here. But, here's a question, do you know what that means?? And, do you know how?? This is a super practical book and it's one for every believing parent! Read more of my review HERE. (5 stars)

* The Call to Follow: Hearing Jesus in a Culture Obsessed with Leadership by Richard Langer & Joanne Jung

Here's a book for every leader, but it's not about leading, it's about following. Don't worry though, it's quite relevant for every believer, because our first calling is to be followers. So through this book the authors teach us the importance of followership and healthy practices. Find my full review HERE. (4 stars)

* My Body Is Not A Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church by Amy Kenny

This one went across my shelf this month. Written partly as a memoir, Amy Kenny describes many ways the church has treated her with opposition and antagonism because of her disability; it's enough to drop your mouth wide open in shock and righteous frustration.

Her discourse is urgent, passionate and frank with layers of sarcastic humour. I think it's hard to help others see another point of view with this tone, but I believe it stems out of a lifetime of frustration with people who follow Jesus treating her as less-than instead of imago dei. And while I disagree with some of the theology, hearing her story has encouraged me to be more intentional in providing for the needs of others. This wouldn't be the first book I'd recommend, I'd lean more toward The Scars That Have Shaped Me or something by Joni Eareckson Tada (3 stars)

Christian Fiction

* Crossfire by Lynette Eason

In true Eason style we're given another action packed story.

The story begins with a hostage situation at the courthouse, where Clay's sister is a juror and FBI negotiator Julianna works to get them all out alive. They form a friendship, then Julianna and her sister become targets. With lives on the line, they work fast to uncover who's behind the attacks, but when they think it's solved, they realize there's something they missed.

Both characters have painful pasts and throughout the story we watch how confiding and supporting each other brings hope for healing, to grieve and to forgive.

This was a sit down and turn pages til the end kind of story, so find a comfy spot and some snacks. Recommend for the Christian suspense lovers! (4 stars)

*The Bride of Blackfriars Lane by Michelle Griep

This sequel had me in knots until the end, wondering how the brokenness between the two of them would resolve. Lots of tension. Lots of honest hurt. But there's forgiveness, there's grace and there's change, by the grace of God. In contrast to our cancel culture, this novel pushes back reminding us of redemption and reconciliation. (4 stars)

Love in Any Language by Hallee Bridgeman

The author gave this prequel as a gift to subscribers. It's a great introduction to the series where you meet Army Consultant, Emma and First Lieutenant Jorge, as they work together to sort through intelligence to find a terrorist, growing a friendship along the way, but a secret comes to light that threatens what they've begun. (4 stars)

Bible Study

*The Epic Story of the Bible: How to Read and Understand God's Word by Greg Gilbert

Here's a helpful resource that helps guide you as you approach the Word and seek to understand it. I've got full review HERE .(4 stars)

*Denotes books I've received from Netgalley or the publisher with the opportunity to post an honest review.

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