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My Mosaic (Sept 20)

Here we are again, arriving at the end of another week. How has it been for you? There's been a handful of rough, critical situations lately, coupled with some amazing glorious healing! Seems the ebb and flow of life has been a little more turbulent than at other times. I am grateful for testimony and legacy, and how God's glory is revealed in it all.

(This week on the blog: What Are You Afraid To Start? and J-Curve: Dying and Rising With Jesus in Everyday Life - A Book Review and Welcoming the Opposite Life)

4 Ways to Beat the "I'll Start Tomorrow" Trap

It's inevitable, when we want to develop a new habit, to make a plan that starts tomorrow. What keeps us from starting today? How can we stop procrastinating and start today? Here's 4 ways from the MyFitnessPal blog.

To Joyfully Be Manure

Our acts of service to God, do we view them as a sacrifice or a beautiful life? Here's an article about Rache Piehl Jones upcoming book "Stronger Than Death", a biography of Annalena Tonelli. "Accept a simple life, trivial, monotonous. Understanding that the only valuable thing is our presence. Our coming here is only meaningful to the extent that we are joyfully willing to be manure.”

Schools Turn Cell Phones Off to Turn Learning On

Encouraging trends in schools across Canada and the US, limiting access to cell phones during school hours. Studies show improved attention, better literacy and better mental health.

How Hudson Taylor Shocked People Out of Indifference About Missions

At a conference in Scotland, Hudson Taylor shared a story to invite Christians into a renewed fervour to missions, to be moved with compassion to the value of a soul

You Can Trust God Stories Part 3

The True Woman blog is doing a series on "Trusting God to Write your Story." This week, they included mine! Check it out, and feel free to share yours!

Five Practices to Help You See People

"It's a reminder that God is about His business, even when I am clueless". Here's Dr. Steve Brown's article on ways we can remember people before tasks.

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