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My Mosaic (Sept 18)

It's Friday!!

This is going to be an exciting weekend, as our church officially launches our new name!! Celebrating baptisms this summer and a growing membership, it is so exciting to remember that God is at work, even when the world is changing faster than we can keep up.

Living in a largely agricultural community, the metaphor of harvest is deeply embedded in both our heritage and our present reality, reminding us of the work involved in planting and cultivating to bring forth a harvest. In the same way, we labor by the grace of God, toward planting seeds of the Gospel, and cultivating hearts in the Word, so that as we abide in Him, He will bear fruit through us.

As the harvest season is upon us, how have you seen the Lord bearing fruit in your life lately?


Here are some articles to encourage you this weekend, hope you enjoy!

"There’s a lot falling apart these days, and I think Christians ought to be especially interested inbuilding up. Sure, you could spend all your free time arguing with people online and otherwise grumbling about them in your heart, but you could also consider how constantly being set to “attack” conflicts with the fruit of the Spirit."

I've really enjoyed the practical marriage encouragement from this blog lately, so I'll share this article with you :)

I haven't read it yet, but it's on my list, and I think a topic very valuable for believers today, as we equip our children to understand a biblical worldview and apply the truth of the Word to the world around us.

"After spending nearly two years in mental agony and seeking help for about 18 months, he wasthe first professional who told me healing was possible. He was the first person who believed I could overcome and fully heal."

An article from Jen Oshman, answering questions about a biblical view of the new buzz of self care.

"Many other sinners (including Saul and many of the kings who followed David) were hardened in their rebellion and did not find repentance.Don’t use the pretext of forgiveness to rationalize your sin. Sin is never worth it."

"Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.Come to me, He said,all you who are weary and heavy-laden,and I will give you rest.   Not an ability to achieve Olympic-sized spiritual goals every single day"



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