What's On My Shelf (Sept 2020)

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

The beach reading season is over...back to normal life (and textbooks). I'm still trying to curl around the campfire with a book in the evening, to relish the last evenings of warmth before the real cold hits.

Here are a few titles that crossed my shelf this summer, some christian living, and fiction. The christian living books I've been finding on Netgalley, or as part of the Crossway Blog review program. The fiction books I've grabbed from our church library, or the local library (which was gratefully open early to pick up holds).

In case you're curious, here's a breakdown of how I rate books:

5 stars: Loved it! I would read it again, and purchase a hard copy.

4 stars: It was really good and I'd read it again.

3 stars: It was good, but I won't read it again.

2 stars: It was ok, but not for me.

1 star: I probably didn't finish it because I didn't like it.

What did you read this summer?

Christian Living

Growing Together: Taking Mentoring Beyond Small Talk and Prayer Requests by Melissa Kruger

A must buy for Christian women! A guide to give you purpose and intention in your mentoring relationship. See my review here. (5 stars)

A Great Cloud of Witnesses: A Study of Those Who Lived by Faith by Trillia Newbell

A 6-week bible study on Hebrews 11. A great option for your winter bible study!

Towards Spiritual Maturity: Overcoming Evil in the Christian Life by William Still

A short book packed with truth, guiding the believer between the tension of living a life free from the rule of sin, while battling daily with sin. (5 stars)

Esther: The Hidden Hand of God by Lydia Brownback

The first bible study in this new Flourish Bible Study series by Crossway. For use as individuals or groups, it's light on homework, but loaded with great content. Published in August, the next study on 1 Peter comes out in January. (5 stars)

Companions in the Darkness: Seven Saints Who Struggled with Depression and Doubt by Diana Gruver

Walking in the midst of depression can feel like a lonely journey. This book provides encouragement from some saints who walked that journey, not only their stories, but their words of wisdom to get through it.


Start With Your People: The Daily Decision That Changes Everything by Brian Dixon

"A life of profitable purpose starts with focusing on your people - listening to them, showing up for them and serving them." Written to encourage you through all aspects of your life to put people first. It's a business principle, but starts first in the Gospel. (4 stars!)