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My Mosaic (Sept 1)

Happy Friday!

I was in a meeting yesterday and may have mentioned things I need to do before September...then I realized it's here.

Maybe this speaks to my mindset this summer, procrastinating on all the to-dos, in order to enjoy the moments of fun and make the most of the opportunities in front of me.

Yet, the calendar reminds me it's time to get a little more organized and prepared.

How has your mindset been this summer? Do you feel ready for fall to start?


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

This short story from Brianna Lambert speaks volumes, and hits right at home about the interruptions we face and how it affects what we think.

I really appreciated this reminder why using scripture as we share the gospel is so important.

"The world can’t understand or appreciate this glorious truth. When confronted with the obvious hand of God at work in the affairs of mankind, the best answers it can offer are, “Everything happens for a reason,” or “It was karma.” But for centuries the church has pushed back on that kind of thinking. One of the oldest sayings of the early church was Deus pro nobis—“God for us.”

"But just like our lives, our homes are not our own; they belong to God. So, it is up to him to decide how we use our hospitality for his glory, and we should look to his Word for affirmation—not the latest trends on the market."

I'm not sure us ladies can ever visit this topic enough.



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