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My Mosaic (Oct 15)

Welcome to the weekend,

It‘s been a hard week here. A beloved sister in Christ completed her earthly race, her eyes fixed on the prize. The suddenness of her passing leaves us in shock. We battled together in prayer and he answered by ushering her home.

I’ll remember her courage in the face of sickness, her bold trust in the Lord through illness, and the way she spoke God's truth in some of her hardest times. Her love for her family, her quirky humour and the way she gave glory to God continue to inspire me.

As they cross the Jordan river into the promised land, he instructs them to place stones of remembrance, that “when your children ask their fathers in times to come, ‘What do these stones mean?’ then you shall let your children know, ‘Israel passed over this Jordan on dry ground” (Josh 4:21-22). I know as we remember her life, there will be testimony of God‘s grace abounding through her story, which will pass on to the next generation.


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This Week In Articles

An encouragement from Desiring God, "disciple-making does not end when our children or families believe in Jesus. As long as we both live, or until Jesus returns, we pray and labor for their growth and perseverance to the end."

"Given the past eighteen months, I’d say Jesus’s words in John 16 are clearly an understatement. In fact, if I focus only on the first part of verse 33, I can feel smug indignation brewing in my soul. To counter such sentiments, I decided to spend more time with what immediately follows the declaration of trouble: “But take heart! I have overcome the world”

Some insights from the book of Nehemiah on how we approach scripture both privately and publicly.

From my friend, Amy as she reflects on the worries mothers face and how Christ invites us to freedom.

Are you a parent? Have you ever struggled with patience?? Megan Hill shares the verse that challenged her frustration and impatience toward Christlikeness as a parent.



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