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My Mosaic (Nov 20)

Happy Friday!!

If you are new to the blog, welcome here! Fridays are the day I share a few links to articles from around the web that I've found challenging and helpful, and where you can find highlights of the posts from the blog for the week.

It's been a week of Christmas decorating, finishing up online gift shopping, and further changes to our provincial lockdown measures. Intensive care units are at capacity across the province and the pressure is on to try and slow down the spread of the virus.

As an ER nurse, there's the possibility of being 'redeployed' (required to work somewhere else), but so far that has been limited to nurses who have worked ICU in the last few years, so that they can provide staff for all the new ICU beds they are trying to make in the city.

It's crunch time to be sure. I feel the pressure, watching numbers climb, knowing the current stress on the system is creaking. I pray for our leadership. I pray for my colleagues. For God to give us the grace to persevere well, to serve our patients, and glorify God in our attitudes and responses. We find ourselves in stressful times, but I know He's got this, even when we don't.

How are you trusting God in the midst of the chaos?


This week on the blog:


Here are some articles I found around the web this week. I hope they will be encouraging to you!

A nice article reminding us about the call of spiritual motherhood.

"The primary point of prayer is not to get something—it’s to know Someone."

"You will wonder how you made it to the top. You’ll wonder how you made it past every challenge. I’ll tell you how. God. He has been by your side every step of the way. He has directed your path. He has made a way."

An amazing short biography about Henry and the role he played in establishing outreach in Hawaii.

"Our self-sufficiency is a fallacy that is used to distract us from true connection with him. Even good things can prevent us from abiding in Christ if we’re not careful to prioritize him above all else. I encourage you–if God is trying to get your attention, listen."

An encouragement for us this week when life feels fragile.

"Whatever the work, he can use every ounce of it for his glory and our good. May we have eyes to see more clearly how he is already doing this, that we may join in the good work he has for us today."



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