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What's On My Shelf (November 2020)

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A reader's greatest trouble is the length of their "to-read" list. :) Well, at least it is mine anyway.

Tony Reinke writes this, "For every one book that you choose to read, you must ignore ten thousand other books simply because you don't have the time (or money!). Book reading will make you acutely aware of your personal limitations...As with most areas of life, success requires planning. Having a clear purpose for why you read will ensure that the few books you choose will be the books most likely to benefit your life."

In his book, "Lit!" he highlights 6 reading priorities:

  1. Reading Scripture

  2. Reading to know and delight in Christ

  3. Reading to kindle spiritual reflection

  4. Reading to initiate personal change

  5. Reading to pursue vocational excellence

  6. Reading to enjoy a good story

These priorities help me when I think about what to read next, what to add to my wishlist, and what to buy.

Maybe you don't have a to-read list, or you only pick up a few books here and there, but I'm thinking through again, how to prioritize my reading time, and how to choose which pages I put before me.

What do you prioritize in your reading?

This month I've completed my read through the Bible for the year! I've become more familiar with the ESV version the past few years and it's the translation I've been using most consistently.

Christian Non-Fiction

"Spiritual maturity in the life and ministry of a ministry leader is about being humbled by the gospel, made courageous by the gospel, and infused with sturdy hope by the gospel." This book is written for those in church leadership, to provide Gospel principles in developing and supporting leadership teams. As a lay person, I found it helpful to think through these principles in light of my relationships, maturity and spiritual growth.(3 stars)

An excellent devotional to guide you into a mindset of missional living!! She writes with compassion, understanding, and purpose. Find this for free on Kindle unlimited, or a buy a copy :) (4 stars)

"True blessings, no matter the form, always lead us nearer to God, deepening our relationship with the diving Giver." Tracing the history of Israel, from Old Testament, too New, the author presents a biblical theology that "leans into how we view ourselves as living blessed lives as citizens of God's kingdom." This book is written for the Christian who wants a deeper understanding of the idea of blessing, as it is presented through the whole scope of God's Word. (3 stars)

"I believe that the greatest opportunity for the contemporary church is to recapture a radically God-centered vision for discipleship" This book is really important as we consider the role our churches take in the discipleship of believers. A practical guide to lead us into a practice of taking our discipleship to a deeper level. (4 stars!) Read my full review here.

Christian Fiction

Part of the True Colours series of historical fiction based on true crime. Given the nature of crime, this series has overall been really good with staying away from the graphic details, but this one had a twinge more. The story has a lot of mystery and the details were definitely not over the top. A widow puts ads in the paper to look for a husband, but none of the men stay, then a man comes searching for his brother. A mystery of disappearance and arson. (3 stars)

The Soldier’s Lady is a compilation of four novellas that take place in the 1800s, set on the forts of America. These are tales of military men and the women who cross their path. What I appreciate most about these stories is the well rounded characters that the authors craft, and the depth of the conflict in each of the stories. (4 stars)

This is the last book in the series and I'd eagerly been waiting for it. This ties up the end of the series as the Great Houses stand united against the Dominia Empire. Written in the young adult genre, I found myself wishing for a little more depth in the story.

If you're looking for lots of action and mystery, Irene Hannon is always a good place to find it. This is her new release about a courageous radio host who begins receiving threats, and a detective that is learning to trust people again.

I've really been enjoying Sarah Ladd's writing. This historical fiction is about a woman fleeing from an angry brother, finding refuge with an estranged uncle and learning to adapt to new circumstances in life. An encouraging read. (4 stars).

Hope that some of these books, or authors will be of interest to you as you navigate your own reading priorities!

What's on your shelf lately?


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