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My Mosaic (May 8)

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Happy Friday!

Anyone else land in the queue to book summer camping this week?

It is our first year booking camping in Manitoba. Last year, we spent most of our camping time in the northern states, however with border restrictions and the required 14 day isolation upon returning, didn't really seem to fit with what we had in store for summer. So, staying in the province this summer will be our plan.

Sitting in the virtual line-up to book campsites, reminded me of how I've been feeling about the pandemic lately. The blue dot blinks at where my place is in line, as I wait for my turn and I wonder when will it be time to move up in the line. When will the pandemic screen refresh and the end will be closer in sight?

It's going on 8 weeks of social distancing. Our province has moved into phase one of re-opening, it will be a very slow progression, maintaining the priority of social distance. As eager as I am for life to be 'normal,' every shift I work reminds me that this is far from over, but every little part restored brings back a piece of normalcy, and lights up our home.

What part of 'normal' life are you looking forward to?

Here are some articles I found this week, enjoy!

A man of prayer, leading a ministry to orphans in England prayed 50 years for a handful of people. Remembering his persistence and commitment, I am humbled and encouraged to trust God deeply for the salvation of those around me.

"Sometimes, motherhood feels ordinary, and it seems like you’re just not in a season to do anything extraordinary for God." Here's some encouragement for moms to remember that even in the ordinary, God can do extraordinary things through you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in our marriages, the differences between normal marriage issues and areas specifically for a believing marriage.

The storm came while the disciples sat in the boat with Jesus. "This scene on the Sea of Galilee was just a drop in the ocean of what Christ would soon do to save the world from truly perishing." Click the headline to read more.

Everything will not be okay during our time here on earth. For the believer, this reminds us of our true hope, and our true identity, as foreigners here on earth, "looking forward to a better country - a heavenly one."

Enjoy your weekend!



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