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My Mosaic (May 15)

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Welcome to May long weekend!

It looks like the temperatures will warm up for a beautiful weekend here in Manitoba! What are your plans?

Putting in your garden? An excursion to the zoo? A round of golf?

With the slow reopening of 'normal' life, there are a few things we can start to do now. The most exciting, for me, this week was the library :) We can put books on hold online, and go pick them up once the are ready. (Next most exciting is getting a haircut next week!)

Have a great weekend!

(This week on the blog: May Thankfulness)

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Here are some articles I found, hope they encourage you!

Some Gospel focused advice from Lindsay Carlson, as we raise our daughters to be strong in the Lord.

A world of loneliness embedded in the midst of digital 'connection.' How can we love well in our communities, even when love is hard?

A new devotional book by David Murray that helps kids develop a regular habit of devotions in God's Word. We own the first book and our daughter has enjoyed using it.

Striving to "have it all" or to "make your own energy" in pursuit of an empowered life, is a message women hear day in and day out. The contrasting message is that of a Gospel-centered life, "the pursuit of a life marked by an ever-increasing desire to look to our Savior." A review at TGC of Jen Oshman's new book Enough About Me.

This podcast by Lifeway Women, features Jen Wilkin's study on the Sermon on the Mount. It is the first of the 9 week study, made available for free. I really enjoyed it, so check it out! There is a workbook to go along with the study, a sample is available to work through. If you're interested you can buy the ebook at Lifeway.

Working in emergency services, there always exists the vicarious trauma we experience alongside that of others. A reminder for us to recognize what we are going through, remembering the One who rescued us.



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