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My Mosaic (Mar27)

It's the weekend!

What has this week been like for you? Perhaps you've pulled out your kids' homework assignments, got a school routine organized and things went great.

Or, it could've been an utter gong show. Life may not have gone how you planned it, you may feel despair because you never dreamed you'd be the teacher for your child. You may be facing layoffs, scrounging to get that mortgage payment delayed or navigating the challenges of sickness.

All these shifts and changes teach us something. Our frustrations lead us to lament and, when directed to the Lord, become a prayer He meets us in. In the good days, we remember to rejoice in His grace and strength that He gives us.

What's your reminder as you look back on this week?

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Here's this week's articles, hope they encourage you in this season!

An interesting article about how Christians from the first century and on responded to the pandemics of their time.

I found myself reflecting on my thoughts and attitudes as the Easter season approaches. Jessica Lyn reminds us that,"we all want Easter. And I think sometimes we want Easter, and the hope, and the resurrection, and the joy that comes with it so badly, that we forget that in order to walk out of a grave you need to die on a cross."

Kristen Wetherall shares with us some reality checks for believers as we navigate the pressures of a crisis.

An article by Holly Mackle on how to reach out to others during this season. It's a great list. I'm not a phone all...but I called my grandmas this week to check in.

** (And if anyone is interested in a virtual bible study, let me know!)

Some encouragement for those of you who are diving into homeschool for the first time!!

In this season of isolation and sickness, how has the Gospel affected you today? Have you remember it? Have you observed it's grace in your life?



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