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My Mosaic (June 21)

My Mosaic June 21

Happy Thursday! It was a busy week celebrating my baby's third birthday :) and heading out with the camper for the weekend, so I'm not sure if there's wifi at the campground, so I'll post today!

We're getting close to summer holidays, what are your plans for the summer?? What's your favourite campground?

Here's this weeks' collection of links:

"Bonhoeffer believed that the root of victory over the Nazi regime would be a spiritual one, so he fought on those front lines - equipping young men for ministry in an underground movement known as the Confessing Church." In his book, Life Together, he taught practical ways to help believers, as they lived as individuals and community; important lessons for their time, and for us today.

Looking at the life of Job, we learn "true worship continues to worship God when the storms of life are raging." It's easy to sing and be happy on the surface when all is well, but will we worship with all our heart when the storms come, and what does that look like.

The Kid Project has set up a mini-challenge for kids, to go one mile every day for one week (June 24-30). There's giveaways and daily emails when you sign up! Sounds like a fun way to start the summer active.

Living the missionary life as a young mom has many challenges, and many blessings. Some encouraging words for moms everywhere.

Participating in the life of the local church is never easy. "We settle for being involved enough to feel like we've done our due diligence before God, but without any disruption of our everyday lives." Yet, as we are faithful, God can move powerfully through us for His kingdom. What will you choose?

"Let us be deeply affected by the Gospel so that our message is an outpouring of the fullness of our hearts" Every day, think through the moments - how the Gospel has made a difference in your life today.

Hannah Anderson



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