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My Mosaic (June 19)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Happy Friday!

I hope your week has been going well! Our family has ventured into the Whiteshell Provincial Park this week, enjoying time on the lake with the paddleboard, sandcastles at the beach, an occasional sunburn 🥵 and time with friends! Along the way, we discovered a hike to the top of the world, a family of woodpeckers who entertained us around the campfire and a catbird...yes it meows like a cat!

I had to venture to a picnic shelter for a wifi hotspot, hope you enjoy this week’s collection of articles!

In all we do, are we living and acting as though we have an audience of One? This article guides us with Scripture to avoid the comparison trap.

An encouraging and challenging read about those serving their communities in Peru!

Marriage isn’t a relationship that always comes easy, but through prayer we’re inviting a greater help and guidance into it. Here’s a helpful guide.

The Good Book Company is sharing a daily invitation to pray, from women of colour. Here is one of the articles to help us in stand together in unity.

Have you ever read the book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting?’ Well, every woman probably has their own set of expectations for what life could look like, but what we can expect in Christ doesn’t change, here’s how.

Back to the basics, but so helpful when finances are at the heart of so many marriage struggles.

It’s already the middle of 2020, but here’s some of our comings and goings in 2019

(Sorry about this week’s editing, it didn’t work out exactly like planned, the app for the blog doesn’t seem to have all the features I am used to)



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