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My Mosaic (July 9)

Happy Friday!

We spent a great week at Riding Mountain National Park, enjoying the beach, a Canadian safari through the bison enclosure and time with friends. I learned that black bears are not as big as what I thought - as there were many in the park - but that bison definitely are.

Have a wonderful weekend.


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

"They’re few and far between, aren’t they, those days of transcendent joy? You’ve probably experienced a few of them in your life" and here Jennie Polluck shares some tips to help build our contentment.

"We need a view of sanctification that allows us to be both purified from sin without a guilty sense of condemnation and endure suffering without a stigmatizing sense of shame."

Brett McCracken writes, "it becomes impossible to form community when everyone is their own island, with no necessary reliance upon larger truths or embeddedness within a bigger story."

I love this, "Every day is an opportunity to learn, to listen and to grow."

From my friend Cara Ray, "Müller’s life and legacy is an example of restful dependence on God to do what he promised to do…take care of us."



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