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My Mosaic (July 8)

Happy Friday!

We've been blessed to enjoy holidays at the lake with friends, building fond memories and sharing experiences - bee stings while hiking out in the bush, sunset paddles, and spotting bald eagles hidden among the rocks.

These moments of pleasure remind us of God's goodness, both in providing us avenues of joy in His created world and in connectedness with each other in relationship.

While the daily grind will return and routine will eventually follow again, there's a grace in these restful adventures.

How have you enjoyed moments of God's goodness this week?


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

"I write this letter to you to suggest what may be lacking in many congregations across this country and around the globe and reveal how you can be an even better minister and encourager to our women."

Some great thoughts to consider about our spiritual maturity, both personally and corporately.

"None of us would admit we view God as a cosmic vending machine who will dole out blessings if we only insert the right coins of our good works. Yet, here we are, living as though this karma ideology was the gospel truth."

Here's an article reminding us how to approach the Scriptures with Christ at the forefront.

"the father's experience with miscarriage often goes unaddressed in the contemporary church." Here's an article highlighting challenges men face in grieving miscarriage, and a devotional book to help.



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