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My Mosaic (July 29)

Happy Weekend!

May you enjoy some rest and refreshment with the extra day off!


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This Week in Articles

"The question is not whether you and I are building a kingdom. It’s whose kingdom are we building? Because we all are part of the story of the Kingdom."

"Have you ever tried to hide your problems from others? Or want them to think you have the perfect marriage or family? Are you keeping close watch on what others don’t see?"

“I am a little afraid of who I will be on the other side of this,” I confessed to her. “I know I will survive it, but I don’t know who I will be. Will I still love the Lord if this ends poorly?”

"Let’s study the narratives of women not only as inspiration for faithful living but also to see God’s work of salvation."

If you're looking to expand your playlist, here are a few artists to check out. (He's also put together a Spotify playlist)



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