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My Mosaic (July 28)

The girls were making posters to advertise weekend activities at the lake during August long weekend. When they were getting a little bored of the work, and itching to go to the beach, one of them remarked how, "August is so far away!"

But, it's really only a handful of days until we have to start thinking about returning to school, activities, and routine.

These days go by so quickly.

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom" (Ps. 90:12).

To be wise is to remember that each day is a gift we're given, to make the most of every opportunity and to have an answer ready for the questions asked of us about why these days matter.

I know I wish for time to slow down, but it's probably just me that needs to slow down and savour the moments, hopefully growing a little wiser in doing so.


This Week on the Blog


This Week in Articles

For all my bookish friends, here's a few qualities to consider in our reading endeavors. "Christians should not think of their reading as primarily the fulfillment of a duty, but as an astonishing joy."

"Faith, like that rope in tug-of-war, is something that we have to hold on to with a tight grip. It’s something that we have to intentionally be aware of and watchful that our grip does not slip. Our salvation is all because of Jesus, but when we enter into a life of following Him, we don’t just settle in. Faith is active, not passive."

I liked this look at ways we can give soul-nourishing gifts to others. Simple and practical which we often overlook the value.

From Mama Bear Apologetics, their review of the Reality Student Apologetics Conference. Looks like an excellent collection of speakers! Christopher Yuan, Sean McDowell and more. I remember going with our youth group to a conference in Chicago and it was a trip that I'll never forget! The Reality conference is in Minneapolis in November...anyone wanna come with me and my girl??

New research reveals that how churches value the skill sets of women in the local church is a factor of whether or not Christians are leaving church. I wouldn't have thought this was a factor, but it seems so. I really appreciated this interview with Jen Wilkin as they discuss how churches can be unified as function as family.



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