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My Mosaic (July 21)

Hey friends,

I hope you're enjoying these summer days.

The sun's warmth and the stillness of the outdoors have this way of leading me into deeper reflection lately. With less productivity during summer, it's easy to for me to feel fruitless, but I was reminded in a message by John Piper that, "worship: Being satisfied with all that God is for us in Jesus — that is an end in itself."

To sit in wonder of His creation, to praise Him for what seem to me like little things, to hold His Word in my hands and glean knowledge of Him, here it is that I can learn to sit and be satisfied in all that He is.

And He is always enough.


Don't Forget to Grab This Free Study!

I'm a writer at Momma Theologians, and put together this short, deep dive on about repentance, a practice necessary and important for us today. It was a privilege to write it and obviously remains so relevant for me too. I hope it blesses you as well.

Read the introduction to the study here.

The link to download it it HERE.


This Week in Articles

Cheryl shares about checking our steps and ordering our spiritual steps, I won't check my watch again without thinking about this one.

"Discipleship in the way of living out our the work of a lifetime. It involves the transmission of an ancient faith from one generation to the next." The question then becomes, how and what are we passing on. This article by Jen Wilkin and JT English reveals the desperate need for churches to become better disciplers by clearly communicating what believe. (I'm reading their new book, look for that review next week!)

Take a dive into Psalm 37 with my friend Jana and let the practice of delight seep into your soul.

I liked Phylicia's honest, biblical perspective on the practices of church and our role within it.

Well, this was a doozy. Ever thought about how much we've started to believe or live in ways that align more with evil than with the goodness of God, particularly about our marriages? Tim writes to help us re-consider. I was really convicted on the last point, guilty of spending more time thinking on the difficulties of marriage rather than it's joys.

It's interesting to think that when we were kids we spent time in Sunday school or Away memorizing our verses, but that as we grow older we cease making it a regular practice. This article by Glenna reminds us of a deeper purpose to planting God's Word in our heart. (Also look forward to her upcoming book on the topic!!)

"For all the familiarity and fame this story holds in our minds, we must remember that Daniel was a real man, who was confronted with hundreds of decisions that tested his spiritual fidelity over the course of his life."

Our neighbour, Jordan Janzen has been in Christian music for years, leading the band The Color. He's got a new single out and I think you'll be encouraged by it. Give it a listen and a share!



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