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My Mosaic (July 2)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Happy Friday!

It's been quite the heatwave here across the prairies this week, hoping you're all staying hydrated and cool!

The heat reminds me of our time in East Africa, when I would sit under a mango tree with my neighbour ladies, dripping with sweat, braiding hair, shucking beans and praying that a snake wouldn't drop out of the tree. These days, we can hide in the air conditioning during the heat of the day and enjoy relaxing activities.

Our family's summer adventures will continue this week as we travel up to Hecla, Manitoba to go camping, so watch your instagram feeds for the updates :)

(This week on the blog: Heaven's Gates Do Open Wide)


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Here are some articles of interest that I found this week, I hope they will be encouraging to you!

Restlessness typically breeds more discontent, and as Augustine reflects, man will not find rest until he finds his rest in God. Here are 3 tips to cultivating contentment.

I don't know about you, but emotions were not something I grew up understanding very ell. the Protect Young Minds blog has this guide for us as parents, with an activity and tips, to help us develop emotional resilience with our kids.

You can't learn how to swim in the kiddie pool, but traversing the deeper water, the obstacles and challenges of life, help stretch us and strengthen us.

Over and over through Scripture we see examples of people God used that each made mistakes at times. This may make us feel good about who we are, but we are just as undeserving of God's gracious gifts. But "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom 5:8). We aren't worthy, but that is a piece of the Gospel.

When moms are trying to keep it all together, it can feel like a tower of blocks that come crashing down. What blocks are we using to build our tower?

A prayer from Christina Fox to help us as we pray for our churches.

In a social media driven world, full of comments and hot takes, caution is the name of the game in how we portray our opinions.

4 years out of "re-entry shock" and I feel like maybe we've finally reached 'normal' this year. Here are some encouragements as we care for those who have gone out and return.

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