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Heaven’s Gates Do Open Wide

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We visited my grandmother at her home this week.

She is under palliative care for an aggressive brain tumor. We are grateful she is still at home and we can enjoy spending some time with her. She rests. She has some confused conversation. She eats a little bit.

Constantly smiling, she holds our hands. She tells us how much she loves us. In these moments as her physical body deteriorates, she is blessing me with love and care.

I have never felt so loved.

Her hope firmly in Christ She continues to point us of Gods will and His best, as we converse about pandemic news, when we thought she was sleeping.

Every visit she asks us to sing "Jesus loves me”. Every time. We sing the first verse, but she carries on to the second, “Jesus loves me He who died, heavens gates do open wide.” She repeats, “Heavens gates do open wide,” her face lights up, eyes looking to the sky, waiting with a smile on her face and joy in her heart. Oh what a gift she has been giving me.

To “rejoice always” in the midst of any affliction.

I so often complain about my own physical deterioration, my back pain or muscle aches. No, my beautiful 84 year old grandma is reminding me to rejoice always. It is a wonderful gift. I am so grateful.

During a time when I feel like I should be the one to serve her, to be a blessing to her, here she is, serving and blessing me!

The gift of knowing that I am loved, her words telling me I am loved, her character showing me how to love, I can't help but feel so grateful for the legacy she is leaving, and praise God for the glory she is giving Him through this season.



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