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My Mosaic (July 16)

Welcome to the weekend!

I hope you’re all staying cool in this heat wave. Our family is camping up in the Whiteshell for two more weeks, we got a big dose of rain last night, so hopefully that will help the very dry conditions here so just maybe they could lift the fireban…s’mores over the barbeque is not nearly as exciting. 🏕

Thank you so much for taking time to visit the blog!


This Week On The Blog


This Week In Articles

Here’s a reminder why we need both.

Lara D’entremont writes, “I found it’s easy to miss little details…but not only the physical details get overlooked, but so does the spiritual.”

From the Lifeway blog, some helpful ideas on your search for your next bible study.

A new book coming out, Beginning:Family Worship in Genesis, shows us gospel centred truth about Genesis and what it means for us, and our families.

But we must seek biblical wisdom as we sift through stories around us. Not all of them are good, and not all of them tell us the truth.”

The Marked Podcast by Lifeway is sharing Jackie Hill Perry's Jude bible study teaching sessions on the podcast over the next couple of weeks. If you're looking for a summer bible study, here's a great option!



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